anjali srinivasan

The exhibition comprises ephemeral and permanent works that challenge one's perception of "depth" or "focus" and "field of vision" via :

* a site-specific, ephemeral "cloud" made of thin filaments of glass, apparent mostly through gossamer and shadow.

* a curved chamber whose walls and rounded ceiling are studded with a grid of reflective glass balls to demonstrate the optics of the sheesh mahal.

* wide wall panels composed of thin strips of paper, each of of whose edges is lined with powders of shifting pigmentation.

* video installation and robotic devices that manipulate and connect the act of looking at the stars above to looking into dew drops below.

* a "mirror painting" diptych, surfaces encrusted with small convex mirrors whose subject matter is the cascade of the viewer's movement at front of the canvas.

* long, narrow glass panels whose only-slight shifts in undulation result in mutable, formless terrain.

* floating rings comprising the curious optical phenomenon of reflective glass spheres.