anjali srinivasan Context

For a nation whose dazzling array of artistic repertoire in a myriad media is well documented and dates to the early centuries, glass has always been perceived as - and inaccurately so - a recent alien. As a contemporary studio artist working conceptually in glass through the disciplines of glassblowing, casting, grinding, and self-generated experimental techniques, the gradual disappearance of India’s glass bangle-makers saddens me. I seek the possibility of overcoming the impending loss of a craft-form so precious, unique, beautiful and ingenious by collaborating with its traditional practitioners. I seek a prolific glass movement at the grass-root level by interfacing the canons of an ancient craft with the experimental nature of my studio practice. I seek an expansion of the the topologies of this simple circle of matter.


to inspire collaboration between a traditional glass craftsperson and a contemporary studio artist.

to explore the complexity and potential held within the process and form of a simple ring of glass. i.e. a glass bangle.

Ideas and Process

I would like to acknowledge the prolific space of collaboration that can exist between a traditional artisan and contemporary artist. It is important that the craftsperson is not merely producing a glass artifact but is inspired by the transformation and appreciation of his efforts. It is important that he witness the respect towards his workmanship, and  gains access to alternate processes of making his work visible in the world.  Simultaneously, it is important for me (the artist) to develop greater sensitivity towards his very specific method of making, to identify creative channels that can emerge from that process, and to create meaningful conversations (objects) therefrom. The gallery is, therefore, also a thinking = making space.

Keeping this in mind, at least one of the larger works in the exhibition will be an on-going, mutating and growing entity over the course of Art Chennai, an installation that all participants can partake in, or a sculpture that is guided by certain principles or processes but not pre-determined in outcome. The exhibition will be home to -

An archive of process featuring many small experiments of gesture, form and composition as we explore the potential of the bangle.

A sculpture in the central courtyard that resembles a landscape floating in mid-air.

A series of print-objects.

Sculptures from the Arm series.

A video animation narrating the story of the glass bangle.