anjali srinivasan

Particle of matter, pixel, point in space, gesture. The exhibit explores the threshold of olfactory sensation, optical phenomena and participatory environments, through installations and objects of spice, glass and emergent technologies.

Based on the indeterminate behaviours of particulate matter and phenomena, the exhibition will feature fragments of responsive environments. The content and presence of these objects will be mutated by actions of participants in real-time and in cumulation :

* a personal constellation whose stars respond to every movement of the viewer as she carries a small luminary.

* devices that manipulate and re-interpret the above installation and its phenomenon. These manipulations range from an abyss that transforms the "stars" into dew drops that reflect the viewer's self-image, to digital print-object that build the stars into skeletal structures out of glass filaments, to mirror paintings whose image cascades with the viewer's movement at front of the canvas.

* long, sealed sachets of spice that line the wall, each underlined by string that may be (un)done by the participant. the gesture releases into the exhibition space, the smell and contents contained in these canvas-installations.